Our Roots: YiFan's Cooking School

In January 2015, Yifan began as Fan's Cooking School, a pioneering Chinese cooking school in the region. Founded by Ms. Fan Wang, a passionate cook with a flair for various creative arts, our school was more than just a culinary institution. We demystified Chinese cooking, making it accessible and enjoyable through unique teaching methods and a commitment to authenticity.


The Birth of a Community Hub

The journey started modestly in a small cafeteria at a local Chinese school in Johns Creek, where Ms. Wang, then the principal, transformed the cafeteria into a vibrant, multi-use space for local residents.

Yifan Central Kitchen: Expansion and Diversification

In May 2022, the Yifan cafeteria 's rapid growth led us to relocate to a larger venue in Johns Creek, evolving into Yifan Central Kitchen. Here, we expanded our offerings beyond teaching, introducing dine-in services, brunch, and catering. The success was meteoric, as we added combo-style lunches, curbside pickup, and hosted various events including wedding rehearsals, business dinners, and family parties. Yifan became synonymous with quality, passion, and a homey atmosphere where guests could savor healthy and authentic Chinese cuisine.


A New Chapter: Yifan Restaurant and Event Center

Today, Yifan stands on the cusp of a grand new chapter. We're set to open the doors to Yifan Restaurant and Event Center, a culmination of our journey, situated in an even larger and more versatile location. This new venture symbolizes our growth and the central role we've come to play in the local community. Yifan is not just a place for authentic Chinese food; it's a haven where compassion, community, and culinary excellence converge. As we embark on this new adventure, we invite you to join us in creating more memories, enjoying exquisite meals, and celebrating life's moments, big and small, at Yifan Restaurant and Event Center. Yifan: Where Every Meal is a Celebration, Every Moment a Memory.